Few weeks before Christmas, we’re starting to festively decorate our homes: Whether decorative lightning chains for the outside, or rows of Christmas lights - decorated with fir branches, Christmas baubles and self-tinkered for the inside.

But it’s not only about decorative items to bring a splendid Christmas atmosphere into the house, there’s also photomurals to contribute perfectly to a festive and cozy mood.


Stylisch & Cool

The photomural "Concrete" is truly modern as well as particularly suitable for large, open spaces or loft apartments. Additionally, dark, straightforward furniture, home furnishings or decorative articles in white or turquoise colors can be mentioned in order to fit perfectly to this specific design.



Rustic & Comfy

The photomurals "Stone Wall" and "Shabby Chic" are bringing a whole lot more comfort to everyone’s home. Combined with white and beige living accessories, such as artificial fur, pillows or candles, a homely and cuddly living atmosphere can easily be created. And even colored highlights in red are perfectly matching to several photomurals in wood and stone optics.

Stone Wall   Shabby Chic


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