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Delivery Ready for delivery
within 2-3 days
You have a question? Call us on:  +49(0) 80 32 / 707 800 You have a question? Call us on:
+49(0) 80 31 / 406 89-35


Professional tips

Our professional photomural tips

Profi Tipp Natur

Professional tip No. 1: Bring the beauty of nature into your home!


Breathtaking nature photographs from National Geographic, magnificent landscapes and floral motifs bring the beauty of nature into your home.Our "green" photomurals create a relaxing home atmosphere and enhance the feel-good factor within your own four walls. Whether forests, meadows, flowers or mountains – our photomurals are wellness for your walls!






Profi Tipp Kreuzlinien Laser

Professional tip No. 2: The little helper


The cross line laser (e.g. Bosch Quigo) is the perfect household gadget if you want to hang pictures, shelves, photomurals, etc. in an absolutely straight line on your walls. It projects both a horizontal und vertical laser line onto walls and automatically self-aligns, in other words the laser lines are always 100% straight – even in inclined positions.






Fototapeten Profi Tipp Stadt

Professional tip No. 3: Add an urban flair to your interior


Fancy a trip to Berlin, New York, Bangkok or some another vibrant capital? With our urban photomurals, you don't have to go on a long-haul flight to admire the world's big city lights. The original wall designs transform dull walls into a dynamic and unique visual experience.






Fototapeten Profi Tipp WandfarbeProfessional tip No. 4: Let's get colourful

With a wall paint that matches your photomural you can transform rooms into stimulating and vibrant interiors. Mixing and matching works wonders.








Fototapeten Profi Tipp StrandProfessional tip No. 5: Holiday at home

Sip a cocktail under palm trees, read a book on the beach – thanks to our tropical palm tree motifs, you can do this on your own sofa – all year around! The sunny photomurals guarantee rest and relaxation at the end of a busy day. Time to put your feet up and unwind!








Fototapeten Profi Tipp WanduhrProfessional tip No. 6: Wall clocks

A stylish way of keeping up with the times! Large, nostalgic wall clocks are a top trend among interior accessories – and unbeatably cheap as a photomural.








Fototapeten Profi Tipp EinweichzeitProfessional tip No. 7: Countdown

When using paper wallpapers, it's important to adhere to soaking times. Use the countdown function on your mobile and set it at 3 minutes. The countdown begins when you start pasting your photomural. Apply the paste quickly to the sheets and when the countdown has finished, hang the sheets on the wall.







Fototapeten Profi Tipp RosengartenProfessional tip No. 8: Your very own rose garden

The rose, the queen of all flowers, symbolises love, beauty and eternal life. We associate the rose with a sensual fragrance and the fragility of its petals. Many gardeners tend these flowers with special dedication. Our rose photomurals reflect this passion with breathtakingly delicate colours and refreshing motifs and designs.








Fototapeten Profi Tipp Natürliche FarbenProfessional tip No. 9: Natural colours

Natural soft tones give us the security we need to relax. Find the bedroom of your dreams with out photomural "Federstern"..








Fototapeten Profi Tipp LichtspielProfessional tip No. 10: Lighting effects for your walls

When wall designs are combined with elegant furniture and accessories to create a harmonious whole – that's what we call good taste. Rooms become living environments.





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