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You have a question? Call us on:  +49(0) 80 32 / 707 800 You have a question? Call us on: +49(0) 80 31 / 406 89-35


Delivery Ready for delivery
within 2-3 days
You have a question? Call us on:  +49(0) 80 32 / 707 800 You have a question? Call us on:
+49(0) 80 31 / 406 89-35


We love photomurals!

Interior decorators, designers, photographers, printing professionals: We're at home in all kinds of interiors and we're constantly in search of the latest interior trends, the ultimate motif and the best printed image. Our wallpaper experts are experienced creatives and dynamic designers who have an eye for even the tiniest detail. At, we constantly extend our extensive range of top-quality photomuralsnon-woven wall coverings and wall stickers.

At, you can be sure to find the best possible quality at the best possible price. Our online shop stocks only products we'd use on our own walls – if we had a free wall! Our experienced team ensures orders are processed swiftly and unbureaucratically and our support staff are on hand to answer questions or sort out problems by phone and e-mail.

Become an interior designer with our photomurals and decorative stickers!


About our motifs

Our motifs are like posters – only better!

We attach utmost importance to quality and variety. We follow interior trends with our stylish and innovative designs and have numerous photomurals, non-wovens and wall stickers to suit every taste. Find a photomural or non-woven photomural, get inspiration from our wallpaper patterns and decorative stickers , and let us introduce you to the latest home decor trends.

Be inspired by our wall designs !


About our products

Our photomurals

Time for a change of scenery! Monotone white walls are a thing of the past. Our striking photomural motifs have undergone a revival and are more fashionable than ever before. Traditional wall coverings made of photomural paper or non-woven material are not only striking interior features thanks to high-quality printing quality – our photomurals also convey emotions, give rooms depth and quite simply create a feeling of well-being in the home. We offer a wide range of top trend designs that add a special touch to interiors.

Our decorative stickers, wall tattoos and window stickers

Ready to get creative? Our wall tattoos and window stickers make the most of your walls and windows.

Our first-class tattoos and window films are self-adhesive, They can be removed without leaving behind any residue and repositioned again and again. Once they're applied to walls or windows, the self-adhesive films look like original paintings. Whether quotations, proverbs, floral patterns, bold designs or wall tattoos for kids' bedroomsbedrooms – these wall accessories are eye-catchers. For an even more striking look, choose our wall stickers with unique glitter and metallic effect. This not only looks elegant, it also adds dimension and impact to the motifs.

A special highlight are our new window stickers which brighten up windows all year long.

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