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Delivery Ready for delivery
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You have a question? Call us on:  +49(0) 80 32 / 707 800 You have a question? Call us on:
+49(0) 80 31 / 406 89-35


Support and FAQs


How do I hang a photomural?

You can download instructions as a PDF here  PDF Gebrauchsanweisung Fototapete

How do I hang a non-woven wallpaper?

You can download instructions as a PDF here PDF Gebrauchsanweisung Vliestapete

What is the difference between non-woven wallpapers and photomurals?

Paper wallpaper:
A traditional photomural is a brilliant offset print on especially water-resistant paper. Individual sheets measure approx. 92 x 127 cm or 184 x 127 cm. Apply wallpaper paste to the back of the wallpaper. Allow the sheets to absorb the paste for 3 minutes before hanging them on the wall. The edges of connecting sheets should overlap by approx. 2 mm. To remove the wallpaper, soak with plenty of water and remove while still wet.

Non-woven wallpaper:
The non-woven wallpaper has absolute dimensional stability during pasting, which means the sheets keep their shape when applied to walls. Non-woven wallpaper can be hung using the simple wall-pasting technique: paste is applied to the wall and the dry wallpaper is smoothed out over the prepared surface. No table is required. The sheets are positioned edge-to-edge, which means seams are virtually invisible. Non-woven wallpaper is removed in a dry state.

- Paper wallpaper is available only in set sizes. However, motifs are usually printed in such a way that trimming does not impair the overall effect.
- XXL non-woven wallpapers have virtually no seams thanks to the sheet format of 124 x 184 cm.

- Paper wallpaper comes in panels. Paste is applied to the reverse side of the wallpaper and left to soak for 3 minutes before the wallpaper is hung on the wall with a 3-mm overlap.
- Non-woven wallpapers are positioned edge-to-edge on the pasted wall without an overlap.

How long will it take for my photomurals to be delivered?

We have the standard range of our photomurals on stock; therefore they are ordinarily available at any time.

Can I specify a different delivery address?

During the order process, you can enter an alternative delivery address to your billing address.

Can I combine several orders?

This is only possible if you place several products in your shopping basket and order these together. Unfortunately, we always have to charge the respective shipping rates for separate orders because of the automatic order processes.

Can I view my order details and status?

If you have set up your own account at, you can keep track of the processing status of your order. Sign in with your login data and select "My account". All of your orders are listed under "My orders". Here you can view your order status and details.

Where can I edit my user data, such as address and password?

Sign in and go to "My account". On the overview page, click "Edit" and change the relevant data. Alternatively, you can select the respective menu item on the left-hand side.

Sending motifs:

If you wish to show someone an individual motif, it is possible to forward this motif.
Whenever you see the "Recommend item" button (e.g. in the close-up view or configuration tool), you can send this motif to your friends.

Use the checklist:

If you can't make up your mind, use our checklist option. You can tag any number of motifs and forward them all to your friends. The motifs remained saved so that you consider your decision overnight...

You have to sign in to be able to use the checklist.

Create a new user account:

If you wish to use checklists or save your data such as delivery and billing address for your next purchase on, you can create a user account at any time. Simply click on "Sign in" in the settings menu at the top and enter your password - that's all there is to it! In your user account, you can now track orders, view your wish list, create an address list and much more!

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