Delivery Ready for delivery
within 2-3 days
You have a question? Call us on:  +49(0) 80 32 / 707 800 You have a question? Call us on: +49(0) 80 31 / 406 89-35


Delivery Ready for delivery
within 2-3 days
You have a question? Call us on:  +49(0) 80 32 / 707 800 You have a question? Call us on:
+49(0) 80 31 / 406 89-35


In our shop, payment can be made by:

Advanced payment
If you choose to pay by advanced payment, we will provide you with our bank details in the order confirmation and deliver the goods after receipt of payment.

Unilith Serviceagentur GmbH
Sparkasse Rosenheim

IBAN: DE77 7115 0000 0500 5393 82

BLZ 711 500 00
Konto: 500 539 382


You are paying the invoiced amount using the online provider PayPal. You must be registered or register here, legitimise yourself with your login data and confirm the order to pay us (unless this is a guest access). Further instructions are given during the order procedure.


PayPal Express
Even faster and more comfortable - you can use PayPal Express as a payment method on (only if you already have an existing PayPal account). With just one click, you can switch from your shopping cart to the “PayPal-Payment Page” to order extraordinary fast and without entering any shipping – and delivery address. Simply put your items into your shopping cart, click the "Express purchase with PayPal-Button", sign-in to PayPal, and finally confirm your purchase. That's it!


Credit card
Your data is forwarded to the payment service provider in sufficiently encrypted form and is not saved on our servers. Your credit card is debited upon completion of the order.


You can also pay by the Sofortüberweisung online payment method. We receive the credit transfer immediately, which accelerates the entire order procedure. All you need are your IBAN, BIC, PIN and TAN. Using Sofort AG's secure payment form, which cannot be accessed by retailers, a bank transfer takes place automatically and in real time from your online bank account. The purchase price is transferred immediately and directly to the retailer's bank account. If you select Sofortüberweisung as a method of payment, a prepared form will open at the end of the order procedure. This contains our bank details, the transfer amount and purpose of payment. You must now enter the country in which you hold your online bank account and the bank code. Log in using the same data you use when you sign in for online banking (account number and PIN). Confirm your order by entering the TAN number. You will then immediately receive confirmation of your transaction. On principle, every internet user can use Sofortüberweisung as a method of payment if he/she has an activated online bank account with PIN/TAN. Please note that a small number of banks do not yet offer Sofortüberweisung. To find out whether your bank supports this service, click here:

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