Classic photomurals such as palm trees, the skyline of New York with its famous Brooklyn Bridge or a natural photomural in wooden-wall optics are still pretty popular. However, if you love more individuality, the digitally printed design murals are definitely the right thing!
Individually printed design photomurals on non-woven material offer a wide range of motifs and colors for every taste and furnishing trend. That makes you discover the many possibilities and find your individual home style!



Photomurals with poppy retro patterns from the wild 60s bring back the hippie years and bring the "laissez-faire" feeling into everyone’s own four walls. Design murals with retro motifs put an optical highlight on the wall and look particularly good as an eye catcher.

Yesterday   United White   United


From old to new! Setting up in the Shabby Chic Style is currently absolutely trendy. Understandable, because the restrained colors and reduced designs bring rustic coziness into the home. A peeling white wooden wall with a delicate flamingo or a panel with stucco ornaments like in a Berlin apartment building - Shabby chic style photomurals look nostalgic and unaffected and create a cozy living atmosphere.

Pink Flamingo   Panel Picture  



Small-sized? No way! Photomurals with geometric shapes such as hexagons, cubes or rhombi are an absolutely trendy eye catcher on every wall. Whether with metallic elements, soft pastel tones or minimalistic images - photomurals with graphic patterns guarantee an optical highlight within the room concept.

Cubes   Hexagon Concrete   Enigma



Photomurals with flowers and blossoms do always bring a touch of romance in the own four walls and are therefore very suitable as a wall design for the living room or bedroom. The florets, however, do not always have to look cheesy. This is perfectly shown by these digitally printed wall murals: Floral elements are interpreted with modern geometric shapes. The abstract depiction of flowers and blossoms looks modern and feminine but not too playful.

Metropical   Cherry Tree   Flowers & Dots



Psycadelic Dream - photomurals with futuristic shapes are setting the tone in a modern living room. Particularly in lofts or open spaces, these design murals are especially effective. Through the confused lines and cool colors, these wall murals on non-woven material create a clean, masculine space concept.

Space Grid Autumn   Open Air Electro   Mystic



It does not always have to be the photomurals of New York’s Brooklyn Bridge – it is also modern design murals which bring the urban flair into your own home! The skyline of Seattle on a rough stone wall, the pulsating life on the US highways or the map of Staten Island, which is superimposed with a floral graphic - these non-woven photomurals are definitely staging urban motifs in a new way.

Citadel   Speed Painting   Mix Map



Photomurals in natural wood and stone optics bring originality and comfort into the home. The digitally printed design murals in wood optics with delicate flowers in pastel shades or gold-shimmering accents have a particularly refined and not old-fashioned look. Photomurals with cool stone walls are given a special touch by a movement or Michelangelo's chalk drawing of Cleopatra.
For those who love the simplicity but do not want to miss a certain refinement in the room concept, these photomurals in wood and stone optics are exactly the right thing!

Vintage Rose   Caress   Cleopatra   Time



Majestic mountain summits have a magical appeal - and motifs with mountain chains bring a sense of freedom and grandeur to the living space, especially on photomurals. Whether in reduced black and white, pop art graphic design or in cool blue shades - the fascination of mountain peaks is affecting the living, dining or bedroom.

Peaks   Mountain Top   Blue Mountain



Glitter on the wall is only a teenage girls-thing? These modern design murals are proving for the complete opposite. Camouflage patterns, shed optics or foliage motifs are the rectilinear base for these photomurals. Thus, the reflective elements in silver and gold are setting subtle optical highlights. Photomurals on fleece with sparkling eye catchers is something for the brave - but the room concept is a great statement on the wall.

Harlekin   Sea Shanty   Wild Flamingo



Romantic living - these photomurals in soft pastel tones succeed perfectly when it comes to this type of furnishing style! Delicate colors, airy clouds or floral patterns make every romantic heart beat faster. However, romantic wallpapers are not only part of the bedroom - which is due to these design murals: Flowers and blossoms are interpreted in a modern way, which gives dreamy motifs the right to also become the living room wall!

Clouds   Victoria Black   Enlightenment


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