The goal of National Geographic™ Cooperation is simply to bring the uniqueness and diversity of the world to the people to allow them to realize its beauty. An important element of this work are breathtaking photography of the most stunning places, natural events and exotic animals from all over the world.
Specially large size photomurals are a prefect match for the unique National Geographic™ images and give them a atmosphere of freedom and nature in the comfort of your home.      


Landscape photomurals

Green fields, rough mountains and crystal clear waters - Photomurals with landscapes from National Geographic provides a home with a natural living ambience, by using an  outstanding room concept. For everyone who wants to live in a nature inspired interior or loves to travel the world, National Geographic gives this opportunity to everyone who desires to see places directly from there own couch.  

Green Lake   Torres del Paine   Mountain Morning   Mirror Lake

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Woods & flowers photomurals

Almost as real as a refreshing walk into the green are the Photomurals with exotic jungle, light flooded birch or blossoming cherry trees. The National Geographic green earth photomurals designs ensure a fresh, energetic room climate and invite you to relax and take some time out.   

Sunday   Redwood   Spirit   Spring  


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Wild life animals photomurals

Wild life to touch! Because of the unique National Geographic photographs wild and exotics animals seems so realistic you almost want to stretch out your hand to touch them. No matter if you choose giant elephants in the african savanna, wild lions with fiery gaze or a cuddling polar bear family - the wild life animals from National Geographic Photomurals bring all these fascinating creatures directly in your home.

Elephant   Lion   Africaon Sunset  Polar Bears


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