Nach den langen, dunklen Wintermonaten sehnen wir den Frühling mit seinen hellen Farben, dem Sonnenschein und den warmen Temperaturen sehnlichst herbei!
Florale Fototapeten mit Knospen, Blumen und Blüten sorgen schon jetzt für Frühlingsgefühle im eigenen Zuhause!


Light & airy

Fresh green, delicate pink and breezy white colors are setting the tone in spring – and photomurals with peach blossoms, tulips and buds make it possible to put them on your own walls. These fresh colors are airy and light and create a cheerful, energetic room climate in the living room.

Blossom   Bloom   Tulips

Romantic & kittenish

The delicate flowers of floral photomurals offer a touch of romance - especially rose blossoms spray their magical charm on the wall. Thus, living accessories and furniture in bright colors such as white, cream and beige are highlighting the lightness as well as the playfulness of the flower murals.

Gentle Rose   Tantinet   Floraison


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